Fashion Design for Models

Fashion Design for Models Using Hair Extensions
Some of the world’s top hair designers work extensively with hair extensions, particularly in the photographic environment of celebrities and models. These are professions where it pays to look great at all times, and any edge that a great stylist can create will play a big part in increasing exposure. You can see the results at award ceremonies such as the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys, possibly eight out of ten women have hair extensions for the glamour.

Celebrity Designs
Some of the recent hair designs using extensions include such celebrities as Kylie Jenner (she is currently wearing ultra-long extensions, and has used colours and tints to add accent to the style. It was rumoured that she spent over ten hours having a design makeover with green tints for a Halloween party. Beyoncé has experimented with shorter styles such as a bob, but recently has switched back to the golden long locks she is well known for. Another celebrity famous for a short pixie-design is Halle Berry, now experimenting as well with really long extensions.

Model Designs
Most models love the look and feel of thick, wavy locks. They are well aware that long hair designed with a style that is voluminous looks better in photos, on camera and on video. Most models on the books of Surrey based agencies such as 12 Plus UK ltd in Guildford, and Model Management UK in West Byfleet Surrey have models mostly with long hair designs. A good stylist with plenty of experience who can create a whole new style using the latest techniques of professional hair extensions in surrey can really be worth their weight in gold to a model, aspiring or established. Get the look right, and your model can be as glamorous as Da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa was in her time.

Experience is Vital
It is vital to spend some time with a top stylist to discuss the various design options available using extensions. Many stylists and hair design studios have these days developed their own methods and brands, in fact still today new techniques are being developed. The many options can be confusing, so it is best to have an experienced stylist explain the best solution for a given head and desired look. A good designer will first evaluate the existing scalp, and look at the strength and thickness of the existing hair, as this will play a large part in what design options are available to the stylist. These days there are many different alternative methods ranging from strand by strand, weft or clip on techniques using a variety of links, micro-links, beads, tubes, locks or micro-rings.