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For students looking to take their game to the collegiate level and beyond, your athletic skill can only take you so far. Mental attitude, experience, effective technique, correct repetition and helpful drills and conditioning - all of these things play an important role in allowing you to consistently reach your kicking goals and maintain your skills at a high level. The Nick Novak Academy can help you get there.

The Academy offers the following services:

  • Skills and Drills clinics
  • Elite Kicking Performance camps
  • Individualized kicking enhancement training, online and in person
  • Large and small private group training and education
  • Professional kicking clinics at your school or university
  • College recruiting help, information and consulting
In addition to outstanding technical coaching and guidance, as an elite kicking academy we have access to coaches and scholarship opportunities across the country and can help with college acceptance and finding athletic scholarships. We can also asssist with the ins and outs of college recruiting and advanced preparation for a professional career.